Anurag Ranjan

Doktorand, Perceiving Systems
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

Deep Learning and Optical Flow

I am a PhD student at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent System with Michael Black. My research focuses on Deep Learning for dense estimation problems such as Optical Flow.

SPyNet: Spatial Pyramid Network for Optical Flow

SPyNet is the smallest deep network in the world that computes optical flow. We have released the code.

Eyes and Faces

I was a Master student in the Sensorimotor Systems Lab at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Here, I worked with Dinesh Pai on understanding motion of Eyes and Upper Faces.

Learning Periorbital Soft Tissue Motion (Thesis)

We model the soft tissues around the eyes that are associated with subtle and fast motions and convey emotions during facial expressions. Our data driven model that can efficiently learn and reproduce the complex motion of these periorbital soft tissues.

Gaze Driven Animation of Eyes

A data driven model of eye movement, that includes movement of the globes, the periorbital soft tissues and eyelids and also the formation of wrinkles in the tissues. We present a system for interactive animation of eyes using a small number of animation parameters, including gaze.

Interactive Gaze Driven Animation of the Eye Region (Best Paper)

A system for real-time animation of eyes that can be interactively controlled in a WebGL. This is the first system for real-time animation of soft tissue movement around the eyes based on gaze input.

Previously ...

I have been working with computer vision since my days at National Institute of Technology Karnataka where I completed my undergrad.

Object Recognition and Point Clouds

This object recognition and tracking system utilizes the depth information from a low-cost depth sensor. This approach makes use of the depth information and 3d properties of objects inorder to accurately identify them independent of lighting conditions.


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  • Bio

    My research focuses on Deep Learning for dense estimation problems such as Optical Flow. My broad interests include Computer Vision and Machine Learning. My full CV is available here .

    I write poetry .

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